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Born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 5, 1971, actor Mark Wahlberg was the youngest child of nine. His parents divorced when he was 11, and he spent equal time each parent. He was into quite a bit of trouble with the police throughout his younger years, and at one point was charged with attempted murder for an unprovoked attack on two Vietnamese man, one of whom he knocked unconscious, and the other who he blinded in one eye. He pled guilty to assault and received a two-year sentence of which he did 45 days. When he got out, he worked on changing his behavior. His brother, Donnie Wahlberg, was successful in both music and acting and produced Mark's music while Mark used the professional name Marky Mark, and he parlayed that success into an acting career as Mark Wahlberg. He married model Rhea Durham in 2009, and they have five children.

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