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Barbra Streisand, originally named Barbara Streisand, was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York on April 24, 1942. She began her public career as a singer and morphed into an actress, author, director and director. The multi-award-winning star was a baby when her father died from complications from an epileptic seizure. In 1955, when she was 13, she made her first demos in a studio in New York, and she performed in front of a national audience in 1961 on the Tonight Show with Jack Paar. To date, she has recorded more than 50 albums, not counting her live ones and recorded such hits as "People," "Evergreen," and "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." Additionally, she has appeared in movies which include "Funny Girl," "The Way We Were," "Yentl," and "The Prince of Tides." She was married in 1963 to actor Elliott Gould. They have one son, Jason Gould and divorced in 1971. She had very public relationships with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, her hairdresser Jon Peters, and tennis star Andre Agassi before marrying actor James Brolin in 1998.

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