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Gilda Radner (June 28, 1946 - May 20, 1989) was born in Detroit, Michigan, was an original cast member of the long-running show "Saturday Night Live." She also wrote her autobiography, entitled "It's Always Something." She battled various eating disorders from a young age. She dropped out of college her senior year and moved to Toronto with a boyfriend where she got a part in Godspell, after which she joined Toronto's Second City comedy troupe. She was on SNL for five seasons, during which she struggled with bulimia. She met and married Gene Wilder in September of 1984 and they remained together until she died. In 1985, she knew something was wrong with her, but for 10 months, she went to doctors who gave her no answers. In October 1986, she was found to have ovarian cancer. She went into a coma during a CAT scan on May 17, 1989 and died without regaining consciousness three days later with her husband at her side.

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