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British rock band Queen was formed in 1970 in London with Freddie Mercury (who was still going by his birth name Farrokh "Freddie" Bulsara) doing piano and, more noticeably, lead vocals; Brian May on guitar and vocals; John Deacon on bass guitar; and Roger Taylor on drums and vocals. Their first album, "Queen," debuted in 1973, and they kept on coming. Their "Bohemian Rhapsoty" was at the top of all of the charts for weeks, and with it, they gained international success. In 1977, they recorded "We Will Rock You" and the ever-present "We Are the Champions." Freddie Mercury died of complications from AIDS in 1991, and they continued their success, and in 2014, they put together a new album, "Queen Forever," which features vocals from Freddie which had been "forgotten abou" for decades.

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