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Born in Arlington, Virginia on July 26, 1964, Sandra Bullock is a popular American actress who became famous in movies such as Speed, Demolition Man, Miss Congeniality, and Gravity. Her father was a United States Army contractor and her mother was an opera singer who also gave voice lessons. She lived in Nuremberg, Germany for twelve years as a child and is fluent in German. In 2011, she was the highest paid actress., and her movie Gravity was one of this highest grossing films of 2013. She has dated such luminaries as Troy Aikman, Matthew McConaughey, and Ryan Gosling, but married a motorcycle builder and the host of television's "Monster Garage," Jesse James in 2005. In November of 2009, Sandra and Jesse fought a custody battle with his ex-wife and they won custody of his five year old daughter. In March of 2010, amid a scandal which was based on Jesse's serial cheating, his publicist announced that Jesse was checking into a rehab "to save his marriage." On April 28, 2010, Sandra filed for divorce. Sandra is a single parent with a son, Louis Bullock, who the couple had begun to adopt before the scandal.

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