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George Harrison (February 25, 1943 - November 29, 2001) was born in Liverpool, England. His mother was a shop assistant, and his father was the conductor on a bus. A founding member of the Beatles while they were still the Quarrymen, George played guitar, sitar, tambura, and tabla. He had released two solo albums before the Beatles broke up, and he had a number one hit song "My Sweet Lord." At the urging of Ravi Shankar, he organized the Concert for Bangladesh, which was one of the most successful benefit concerts in history, with 40,000 people showing up for his two concerts and millions coming from the sale of his triple album of the concert. He was attacked by a knife-wielding intruder in his home and ended up with a punctured lung and injuries to his head. He died of lung cancer which metastasized to his brain.

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