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Kirkland, Washington is in King County. The city started out a small settlement in the early 1870s, with an economy based on boat-building, logging, and farming. The area, naturally endowed with limestone, iron deposits, and coal mines ,was perfect for steel smelting, and for that reason, it caught the interest of steel industry businessman Peter Kirk. Kirk came to Washington in order to find a suitable place to build an expansion to his family’s company. He decided to buy land, but because he wasn’t an American citizen, he couldn’t do it himself. He partnered with Leigh S.J. Hunt, who owned the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, who bought thousands of acres in what is now Kirkland in 1888 and built the new steel mill on the land. It was home to the NFL football team, the Seattle Seahawks for its first 32 years until they moved to Renton and is currently home to a Google development office.

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