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Grays Harbor County, Washington is the county in which Hoquiam is found. Its name is derived from the Indian word which means “hungry for wood,” which is an allusion to the mouth of the Hoquiam River which is filled with driftwood. Logging came to the area in 1872, and approximately a decade later, the Northwestern Mill was financed by Captain Asa Simpson, a lumber industry businessman from San Francisco. In 1882, the mill was built and producing wood products. The lumber industry extended itself to the town, and in 1886, the mill merged with another local mill in town and the result was the Northwest Lumber Company. Later, a pulp mill was established which was eventually bought by the Hammerhill Paper Company. Loggers’ Playday, a celebration which includes logging competitions, a parade, and other festivities, is held every year in Hoquiam.

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