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Abingdon, Virginia is the county seat of Washington County. It was originally named Wolf Hills by Daniel Boone after wolves attacked his dogs in 1760 while he was hunting with them. The site of the attack is on what is now called Courthouse Hill. The town, a 20 square block area, is a designated Virginia Historic Landmark. It includes a house museum that shows how the typical family lived in the years before the Civil War; the railroad station from 1870, now called the Arts Depot, which features artists and their studios; and the Martha Washington Inn, a 4-star hotel which was built in 1832. There are three schools of thought as to how the town got its name. It is either named after Daniel Boone’s home in Abington, Pennsylvania, or named in honor of Martha Washington’s ancestral home in Oxfordshire, England, or after Lord Abingdon, a friend of one of the early settlers.

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