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Moab, Utah is the county seat of Grand County. Although there is some debate about the origin of the name, the prevailing opinion is that the city was named for Lot’s son who lived in the kingdom of Moab, which was situated on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea in what is now Jordan, and which was in conflict with the Israelites. Early in its history, residents of the area in Utah wanted to change the name because the Bible points out Lot’s son Moab was the product of incest and idolatry. Twice, petitions were taken out to change the name, with neither one prevailed. The settlement became permanent in 1878 and was incorporated as a town in 1902. It is the location of the annual Moab Jeep Safari as well as a mecca for mountain bikers who gather to rid the Slickrock Trail, a network of biking trails.

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