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The city of Texarkana, in Bowie County, Texas, is essentially half of the city, with the other half being situated in Arkansas. Both locations were named for their positions on the border of Texas and Arkansas, with close proximity to Louisiana. The builders of the Cairo and Fulton Railroad worked their way through Arkansas through the 1850s, ‘60s, and into the 70s. At the same time, the Texas and Pacific were laying track going north through Texas. On January 15, 1874, the two rail lines met at the state line, and the towns’ dividing line is on State Line Avenue, which is the main street. The Texas town had its own post office from 1886 to 1892. Prior to 1886, they used the post office in Texarkana, Arkansas. After 1892, the post office was once again in Arkansas, literally on the state line, inside the federal courthouse, which is the only federal office building to be on two different states, and the postmarks read “Texarkana, Arkansas.” Within two years, the postmark was changed to “Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas.”

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