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The seat of Tom Green County is Sn Angelo, Texas, which is in the approximate geographic center of the county which is in the approximate geographic center of the state of Texas. In 1867, the federal government of the United States erected Fort Concho, one of a series of new forts which were to keep the frontier safe in the face of hostile actions and threats. The fort housed, among other military people, the Buffalo Soldiers. Bartholomew J. DeWitt founded the village of Santa Angela around the fort where the North and South Concho Rivers met. Named for his wife, Carolina Angela, the town was soon renamed San Angela, which was grammatically incorrect as the Spanish word “san” is a masculine word meaning “saint,” while “Angela” is, obviously feminine. The town got its first post office in 1883, and the name of the town was changed again to “San Angelo.” The frontier town grew into a commercial trade center and a cow town complete with saloons, gambling houses, and brothels. Around the turn of the century, the Santa Fe Railroad and the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway made it an even more important hub.

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