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The county seat of Gillespie County is Fredericksburg, Texas, which was founded n 1846 and named in honor of the Prussian Prince Frederick. It is unique in that it was the town where “Texas German” originated. Texas German is a mixture of German and English and is the dialect that many of the first generation settlers spoke rather than learning English. It was founded in 1846 by Baron Otfried Hans von Meuseback, the commissioner general of the “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas and was populated by educated and working class Germans who fled the adverse conditions in their homeland just before the so-called March Revolution in 1848 Germany began. From the very beginning, many of the old-time German residents called it Fritztown, and that name is still referred to in many of the local businesses. The Baron later renounced his noble title and was known as John O. Meusebach throughout Texas.

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