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Arlington, Texas is situated in Tarrant County and is fewer than 20 miles from both Fort Worth and Dallis. In 1841, The battle of Village Creek, which involved Texas General Edward Tarrant and the local natives, was won by General Tarrant and after the battle, a trading post was established in the area. Settlers began to move into the region due to the rich soil. The Texas and Pacific Railway ran through what is now the city, and in 1876, the city of Arlington was founded. Named in honor of General Robert E. Lee’s plantation, Arlington House in Virginia, a budding farming center and cotton-ginning center. In 1954, General Motors built an assembly plant, which was soon followed by the development of the aerospace industry. It is now home to the former Washington Senators, who are now named the Texas Rangers, and they share Arlington’s AT&T Stadium with the Dallas Cowboys.

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