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The county seat of Hamblen County, Tennessee is Morristown. The original European settler of what is now Morristown was a farmer named Gideon Morris, who migrated with several of his siblings from the Watauga Settlement, sometimes called the Republic of Watauga, which was an experiment in semi-autonomous governance which took place in 1772. During the run-up to the Civil War, the town was almost evenly divided between the Confederate and Union sides. In December of 1863, 25,000 Confederate soldiers led by General James Longstreet arrived at the church northeast of town, seeking to rest p after the Battle of Bean’s Station. They stayed there, using the church as a hospital, until February. During their time there, they were engaged in numerous battles and skirmishes, and at one point, the church suffered structural damage as a result of a cannonball. The church was used by the Union army during the latter skirmishes, and an untold number from both sides died there. Most were buried at the church cemetery, and there are still 80 of those soldiers are still unidentified.

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