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The barrier island called Folly Beach was named for its dense foliage, as the Old English word folly means just that. In 1863, the Union captured Folly Island along with Morris Island before they took Charleston. Elmer Burke, nicknamed Trigger, was a hitman during the 1940s. In 1954, the famous Brinks robbery garnered more than a million dollars. Joseph “Specs” O’Keefe who was one of the mobsters involved in that robbery. His partners in crime believed that the police were pressuring O’Keefe and he would turn against them. They hired Burke to kill O’Keefe. Burke shot him after chasing him for more than half an hour. Believing O’Keefe was dead, Burke left the body, but it turns out that O’Keefe wasn’t dead at all; he had been shot in the leg. He called the police who eventually found Burke at the corner of Center and Erie Streets on Folly.

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