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The city of Abbeville, which is the county seat of Abbevile County, South Carolina, was established in 1764 by a physician named John de la Howe, a French Huguenot. It is believed that his birthplace was Abbeville, France. It was incorporated in 1840. It is known as the birthplace as well as the deathbed of the Confederacy. On November 22, 1860, Abbeville was the location of a meeting was held to affirm South Carolina’s secession from the Union. The location of that meeting is known as Secession Hill, and a month after that meeting, South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union. On May 2, 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who was fleeing Richmond, spent the night in Abbeville at the home of a friend. It was in that friend’s parlor that President Davis officially acknowledged that the Confederate government had been dissolved.

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