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Originally named Pawtuxet the city of Cranston is situated in Providence County, Rhode Island. Providence Plantation founder Roger Williams bought the land which makes up most of Cranton from the Narragansett Indians in 1638. The first settler in the area was named William Arnold, and his son Benedict Arnold would be the first Governor of Rhode Island. The Town of Cranston was created by the General Assembly in 1754, and all these years later, the origin of the name is still in dispute. It was named either for Thomas Cranston, who was the Speaker of the state House of Representatives at the time, or for his grandfather, Governor Samuel Cranston, who is the longest-serving governor of Rhode Island. In early town meetings, townspeople voted to oppose Britain’s Coercive Acts, which was British Parliament’s reaction to the Boston Tea Party and which removed the ability of Massachusetts to govern itself. Cranston was also a very heavy supporter of the Patriots during the American Revolution.

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