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Bristol, Rhode Island is the county seat of Bristol County. Bristol is a deepwater seaport and is named in honor of Bristol, England. It was the site of the first battle of King Philip’s war in 1675 and although King Philip was defeated, one of Bristol’s main streets carries his Indians name, Metacom. It was the shire town, the term used to mean county seat, of Bristol County in Plymouth Colony at the very creation of that county in 1685. During the American Revolution, Bristol was twice bombarded by the British Navy. The first time, in October of 1775, a group of British ships and the troops sent the captain of the HMS Rose to demand food and other provisions. They were refused, and the British shelled Bristol. Lieutenant Governor William Bradford rowed out to the HMS Rose and negotiated a ceasefire. The second attack was in May of 1778, and this time, more than 500 Hessian and British troops marched through the main street of Bristol, burning houses and barracks and taking prisoners to Newport.

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