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The borough of Grove City, Pennsylvania is situated in Mercer County. In 1798, the first settlers in in what is now Grove City, Valentine and Margaret Glenn Cunningham and their sons Charles and James, settled on the eastern bank of Wolf Creek. They built a log cabin on their 400-acre parcel and had a daughter, Elizabeth, the next year. Many others of their family joined them in the next few years. Valentine named the stream Wolf Creek because of the numerous wolves which could be found using the stream for water. He and other early settlers soon built a dam, and in 1799, he finished building the first gristmill along Wolf Creek. He followed that up shortly with a sawmill alongside the gristmill, and they became the center of business in the settlement, which was part of the newly created Cool Spring Township in 1800. As the area became more populated, townships were added, and the Cunningham Homestead was in Wolf Creek Township, with a population of 175. Some time between 1822 and 1830, the name was changed to Pine Grove. The post office was established in 1843, but it was called the Wolf Creek Post Office because there was another post office in the state which was already called Pine Grove. Eventually, the name was changed to Grove City, which it remains today.

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