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The unincorporated Pennsylvania town of Breezewood is located East Providence Township, Bedford County. The first Europeans to set foot in what is now Breezewood were British soldiers led by General John Forbes, who were building a military trail from Chambersburg to Pittsburgh in the middle of the French and Indian War. John Nycum bought land just east of what is now Breezewood in 1820. He called the area Rays Hill, and he built a small store, and a few years later, he served as the first postmaster of the Rays Hill Post Office. He and his son established a mill and a tannery, and there was the Maple Lawn Inn on the western edge of what is now Breezewood. The Inn, with its 22 rooms, was a stage coach stop and is still standing. A small settlement grew in the area between Rays Hill and the Maple Lawn Inn The main street, which is virtually the only street in town, started out as the military trail, then was upgraded to a pack-horse trail and morphed into a wagon, and then into the 6-lane road, called U.S. Route 30, that it is today. Clearly, Breezewood was always about travel. In 1940, when America’s first super highway, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, was completed, it connected via interchange to Route 30, which caused motels to be built. Breezewood’s nickname is “the Town of Motels.” Years later, Interstate 70 was established, and it made travelers exit in Breezewood to get from the Turnpike to I-70 or from I-70 to the Turnpike. “The Town of Motels” continues to describe Breezewood.

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