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Mt. Angel, Oregon, a city in Marion County, was settled by William and Jane Glover who arrived in 1847, and Benjamin and Rachel Cleaver, who arrived in 1850. Benjamin platted the land which would one day be called Mt. Angel. In 1853, John and Catharine Palmer moved on the mountain itself, in an area called Graves Butte. In 1881, a group of Benedictine monks led by Father Adelheim Odermatt arrived from the Benedictine Abbey of Engelberg, Switzerland, followed by a large contingent of Bavarians.Construction of a new Benedictine abbey was undertaken and finished in 1884, and the community surrounding the abbey, along with the residents of Graves Butte were consolidated and renamed Mt. Angel, which is the English translation of Engelberg. Father Odermatt started a boys’ school, and in 1888, the Queen of Angels Sisters, who moved from Engelberg to Mt. Angel in order to train teachers, and they established Mount Angel College, which was in operation until 1973. In 1882, the post office was established and the town was called Roy. It was incorporated as a town in 1893. Today, the Bavarian influence in the city is obvious: the largest glockenspiel in the United States is located there, and it has a four-day Oktobrerfest which has been held there since 1966.

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