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Jackson County in Oregon, which had Jacksonville as its county seat until 1927, now has Medford as its seat. A right-of-way agent for the Oregon and California Railroad, David Loring, suggested that the town be named Medford, after Medford, Massachusetts, which was near his home town of Concord. Loring was among the grup of railroad surveyors who first arrived in the area in 1883. They had been tasked by the railroad to find the best route through the Rogue Valley. They chose the site of what would become Medford over Jacksonville, which was economically brutalized by the decision. Medford, however, became the largest city in the region. The first post office, established in 1884, was in J.S. Howard’s store, and he served as postmaster twice: once for ten years, and his second time, he held the position until he died in 1919. Before the New Year of 1885 was rung in, the town was surveyed and platted and before spring had totally sprung in 1884, it boasted two hotels, a livery stable, several saloons, and at least six stores. The town was incorporated in 1885, and it was incorporated as a city in 1905. Medford’s fortunes grew at every turn: the establishment of Interstate 5, the north Medford interchange, and huge numbers of businesses and people moving in to the transportation and commercial hub in Oregon.

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