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Coos Bay, Oregon, situated in Coos County, is located where the Coos River meets Coos Bay on the Pacific. It was inhabited by the Coos, Siuslaw, Coquille and Umpqua tribes. In 1852, the survivors of the wreck of the ship Captain Lincoln, a U.S. transport schooner, established a place they called Camp Castaway, where they could they could take refuge until they could be rescued, and this fact makes them the first permanent settlement in the area. They used parts of the ship, including booms, spars, and sail cloth to build shelters, and they remained there for just over four months. The next year, with the castaways having been rescued, the town of Marshfield was founded by J.C. Tolman who named it in honor of his hometown of Marshfield, Massachusetts. The population of the fledgling community was made up largely of fishermen and others whose livelihood came from the ocean. The post office was established in 1871, and it was incorporated in 1874.

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