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The Oregon city of Beaverton is situated in Washington County. Lawrence Hall, who came from Kentucky by way of Missouri, bought 640 acres in the village in 1847, and he and his brother built a grist mill there. He and his family had traveled the Oregon Trail, and Hall Boulevard is name in honor of the founding family. Shortly after that, Thomas Denney arrived from Indiana and built a sawmill, which was instrumental in the development of the area. The tribe which was originally in the region, the Atfalati , called the village where Beaverton now stands Chakeipi, which means “Place of the Beaver,” due to the numerous beavers in the nearby swamps and marshes. The settlers called it Beaverdam. Once the War Between the States ended, the town was laid out with the railroad, which would be going through what was then called Beaverton, in mind. The first post office in town, located in the general store, was established in 1872, and it was incorporated in 1893.

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