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Stillwater, Oklahoma is the county seat of Payne County. In 1884. a caravan of Boomers, led by Captain William Couch, traveled from Kansas and came across the Cherokee Outlet ending up at a stream just inside what would later become the Oklahoma Territory. The pitched tents and established dugouts on the banks of that stream, which they named the Still Water Creek. The boomers remained there for a few years while the United States government worked out legal issues with the Seminole and Creek tribes who owned the land, and soon, they found themselves cut off from all supplies when the United States Calvary surrounded them, forcing them to return home. Grover Cleveland signed the Indian Appropriations Act in March of 1889, which triggered the Land Run of of 1889 in April of that year, and the post office was established in late May, which is when the settlement got its name.

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