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The county seat of Cleveland County, Oklahoma is the city of Norman. After the Civil War, accusations were made that the Creeks, who had been given the territory by the United States government, had aided the Confederate Army, which resulted in the federal government forcing them to cede the land to the United States, which happened in 1866. Norman was settled in 1889, as a result of that year’s land run which involved making available the Unassigned Lands of the Indian Territory to American settlers. It was named for the man who first surveyed the land, Abner Norman. The University of Oklahoma’s home campus is situated in Norman, and has been there 18 years prior to Oklahoma achieving statehood. Norman was incorporated as a city in 1891. The Oklahoma State Asylum, later renamed to Griffin Memorial Hospital, was established in 1915 and the National Weather Center is headquartered there as well. Numerous annual festivals are held in Norman, including the 89er’s Day Festival and the Medieval Fair.

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