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Founded on July 4, 1908, the town of Medicine Park, Oklahoma is located in Comanche County at the gateway to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. It was founded on land belonging to Elmer Thomas, whose full name was John William Elmer Thomas, who was a member of the first State Senate at the time. He went on to be a US representative as well as a United States Senator until his retirement in 1951. Thomas envisioned the area as both a recreational area and a permanent water source for nearby Lawton. It is named after the Medicine Creek, which goes through the middle of the town. In the beginning, it was made up of a big surplus army tent with a wooden floor, comprising what he saw as a resort. This tent was where people ate meals, and the land provided a swimming hole and spaces for campsites. Within four years, it had all the features of a true resort. Inns ad health spas were soon established, along with cafes, hydro electric power plant and a zoo, as well as a dance hall which featured Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys on a regular basis. The nickname of Medicine Park is “America’s Cobblestone Community,” due to its many buildings which are made of naturally-formed cobblestones from the Wichita Mountains.

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