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The seat of Comanche County, Oklahoma is Lawton. Lawton was founded in 1901, the result of a lottery offered by the United States federal government. The piece of land was one of three townsites platted by the government, each of which was part of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation, up for lottery. Anyone who wanted a claim to a parcel of land needed only to register for the drawing. In July of that year, more than 25,000 registrants from across the country showed up to register at nearby Fort Sill, and 6,500 of them were luck enough to win a homestead. There was no organization to the settlement, and the winners simply chose a plot of land, in the order their names had been drawn. They lived in tents while they built their homes and set up their businesses. Fort Sill, which the military had set up as a cavalry fort in 1869, turned out to be the driving force of the town’s economy, and still is today. Lawton annexed the fort in 1998.

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