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Stow, Ohio is in Summit County. It is named in honor of Joshua Stow, who was a member of the survey party led by Moses Cleaveland, which was responsible for surveying the lands of the Connecticut Western Reserve. Mr. Stow never lived in Ohio at all but went back to his hone in Middletown, Connecticut when he was finished with the assignment. He did, however spend money developing the township which he said was "one of the prettiest and most romantic spots in the Western Reserve." He bought the township for $14,154. The first settler was William Walker, who settled in Stow Township in 1802, after building his cabin just south of the land that belonged to his father in Hudson Township, after erroneously believing he was building the home in Hudson. Once he found out his mistake, he bought the lot his cabin was built on and continued to live in Stow. Stow Village was incorporated in 1957, and three years later was incorporated as a city.

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