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Springboro, Ohio is co-located in Warren County and Montgomery County in the Miami Valley. In 1794, General Mad Anthony Wayne and his men defeated the last of Ohio's hostile Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and the Treaty of Greenville the following year made the area safe for settlers. The first pioneers to settle in what would become Springboro arrived in 1796. In 1800, the federal land sales office was established, and in 1803, Ohio was accepted into the Union as the seventeenth state. In 1815, Jonathan Wright, the leader of a large Quaker group from Pennsylvania, platted the town, which was to become predominantly Quaker for the first part of its history. By the middle of the 1800s, the town was a stop on the Underground Railroad and had two mills and a woolen factory. In 1900, the population was 433, and by 1965, it had ballooned to 1,725; five years later, it was 2,799, and in 1980, it had grown 77.3% to 4,962.

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