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The village of Seville, Ohio is in Medina County. Named in honor of Seville, Spain, it was platted in 1828. The first post office was established in 1830. Captain Martin Van Buren Bates, who was known as the "Kentucky Giant" due to his height which was 7 feet 11 inches, served in the Confederate Army. He returned to his home in Kentucky but was dismayed by the feuding between those who supported the Union and those who supported the Confederacy, so he sold his land and left. He later explained, "I've seen enough bloodshed; I didn't want any more." He went to Cincinnati where he joined the circus and met his wife Anna Swan, while on tour. Anna was 7 feet 11.5 inches tall. In 1873, the couple moved to Seville and became the most famous thing to happen in town. They bought a farm and designed a house which was comfortable for them, with fourteen foot ceilings and high doors. They are buried in the Seville cemetery beneath a life-sized statue of Anna.

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