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The seat of Lake County, Ohio, the city of Painesville, is situated along the Grand River. In 1798, the Connecticut Land Company surveyed what would become Painesville as part of their Western Reserve land holdings, and in 1800, the first settlers began to arrive. Sixty-six pioneers arrived, led by war hero General Edward Paine and John Walworth. The newly organized Trumbull County was divided into eight townships, the smallest of which was named Painesville in honor of the General. The post office was opened in 1803 with John Walworth as the first postmaster. The commercial part of the township was called Oak Openings, given that it was surrounded by scrub oaks and sandy soil. In 1805, General Henry Champion platted a village and named it Champion, a name that would remain until 1832, when it was incorporated and the name was changed to Painesville. In 1840, Lake County was created, and Painesville was designated the county seat. In 1852, the Town of Painesville became a village, and in 1902, the Village of Painesville became the City of Painesville.

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