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The city of Mansfield, Ohio, is the county seat of Richland County. It was founded by James Hedges, Jacob Newman, and Joseph Larwell and platted by Jared Mansfield, after whom the town was named. In 1808, Samuel Martin guild his log cabin on lot 97, establishing him as the first settler. During the War of 1812, two blockhouses were built in town, and in 1828, it was incorporated as a village. In 1846, the Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railroad was the first railroad through town. Between 1846 and 1863, the railroads came through, followed in 1849 by the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway. Mansfield was incorporated as a city in 1857, and in 1863, the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad made it to Mansfield. In 1913, the Lincoln Highway, the first road across America, came through the city, and the economy was booming.

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