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Franklin County, Ohio is where Grove City is located. Grove City's first European settler Hugh Grant set up a farm nearby in Jackson Township in the early 1800s. He brought his family to live on the farm in 1805 He died in 1809, leaving his wife, Catherine to farm with the help of her children until 1836. William Foster Breck bought 15.5 acres from Grant's son, Hugh Grant, Jr. and in 1952, Breck and three other men platted Grove City. The area grew quickly, and in March of 186, Grove City was incorporated as a village. In the last days of the 19th century, the Grove City and Greenlawn Street Railway facilitated its maturation to an important bedroom community of Columbus, and despite the fact that the railway stopped running in the late 1920s, the population continued to grow. The village was incorporated as a city in November of 1959.

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