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The city of Fairfield, Ohio is located din both Hamilton and Butler Counties. In 1787, Revolutionary War veteran Judge John Cleves Symmes bought 330,000 acres of land for 67 cents per acre, and President Washington signed the land patent for the Symmes Purchase in 1794. The country’s first veterans made up the first group of settlers, but settling in the area was fraught with danger. Battles with the local Indians caused the settlers to use the buddy system and build blockhouses. They took turns guarding the settlement around the clock. Fairfield was eclared a village in July of 1954 and became a city in Fall of 1955. The city grew and prospered in subsequent years, until 1988 when General Motors announced that the local plant would be leaving Fairfield, taking 2,500 jobs with it, in the first part of 1989. Fairfield has struggled to regain its footing.

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