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Fairborn, Ohio is located in Greene County. Fairborn, a portmanteau created from Fairfield and Osborn, is the only city in the world that has that name. Fairfield was settled in 1799 by George Greiner, who built a log cabin in the area where the village would later be settled by pioneers fro Virginia and Kentucky. The town of Osborn, founded in 1850, was named in honor E.F. Osborn, a superintendent of a railroad which went through town after being turned down by nearby Fairfield. In 1921, the town of Osborn was moved two miles away to land adjacent to Fairfield due to the construction of the Huffman Dam. For convenience sake, Fairfield and Osborn were merged in 1950. The townspeople are proud of the international Fairborn Agreement, which was the peace accord negotiated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which is where many of the residents of Fairborn work. The Fairborn Agreement was the peace agreement between Yugoslavia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995.

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