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The county seat of Wood County, Ohio is Bowling Green, which is named in honor of Bowling Green, Kentucky. In 1832, it was settled, with the first resident being Elisha Martindale. He was soon joined by families named Hartman, Walker, Thurstin, Hollington, Booth, St. Johns, Mackie, Tracy, Richards, Moore, Shivel, Manville, Maule, and Stauffer. Due in large part to the fact that it is primarily in the Great Black Swamp, a glacially-fed wetland, the town’s population was slow in rising. In 1855, it was incorporated as a town. In the 1880s, natural gas deposits were discovered in the area, and the population surged. Aside from farming and businesses which supplied them and the farmers, natural gas extraction and businesses which used it, such as glass manufacturing, were established. It was incorporated as a city in 1901, and Bowling Green state University was founded in 1910.

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