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The Ohio city of Ashland is the seat of Ashland County. In 1815, the town of Uniontown was platted by Daniel Carter. It was, at that time, part of Richland County. In 1822, Uniontown petitioned for a post office, which was denied due to the fact that there was already a town by that name. So the name of the town was changed to Ashland, which was championed by residents who supported Henry Clay, a Kentucky congressman who was born in Ashland, Kentucky. Ashland was incorporated inn 1844 and was designated the county seat of the newly created Ashland County in 1846. A few years later, in the early 1850s, a group of pioneers from the town founded Ashland, Oregon. In 1878, the Brethren Church established Ashland College, which would become Ashland University in 1989. In 1916, Ashland incorporated as a city. In July of every year, Ashland holds the Ashland Balloonfest, a week-long festival which was originally established to celebrate the city’s history of being the home of toy balloons, at one point, being the origin of more than half the toy balloons in the country. It has, in recent years, become a hot air balloon festival.

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