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Hickory, North Carolina is mostly situated in Catawba County. Parts of the city are in Burke and in Caldwell Counties. In the early 1700s, a German from Pennsylvania named Henry Weidner moved south to the area which would one day be called Hickory. He bought thousands of aces of land. A few generations later, in the 1850s, one of his relatives, Henry Robinson, built a log tavern under a hickory tree and called the tavern "Hickory Tavern." Robinson and Dolph Shuford co-founded the city of Hickory Tavern in 1863. The first lot was sold for $45.00 to Henry Link in 1858. That house is still standing and called "The 1859 Cafe." first train came through in 1859. The name of the town was changed to Hickory in 1873. It is home to Hickory White, which was once called Hickory Manufacturing, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the country. Hickory White is still in town.

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