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The city of Burlington, North Carolina is situated in Alamance County. It was settled by several groups of Quakers, Scots-Irish immigrants, and German farmers. The North Carolina Railroad decided that the cities of Charlotte and Goldsboro were to be connected, and on January 29, 1856, a little bit west of what today is the town of Graham, the final spikes were driven, tying the two together. The very next day, the first locomotive chugged through the new route. Shortly after that route was finished, the company decided it needed land where they could do maintenance and repairs and after much debate, that place was chosen in what would soon become Burlington. The shot construction began in 1859, and almost overnight, a church, a hotel, a bank, and a restaurant were built. The fledgling town, called "Company Shops" by locals, became the railroad's headquarters. Soon, the village grew, and there were jobs to be had. Town lots went on sale, but they were slow until after the Civil War. In 1886, the North Carolina Railroad Company moved its headquarters to Spencer, North Carolina, and the local shops and offices were all shuttered. It was decided that the town would be named Burlington in 1893. Cotton mills and yarn manufacturers flooded the area, and a small textile company called Burlington Industries was born and got the town through the void.

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