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The town of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina is in Carteret County. The town, the oldest of the five towns which make up Bogue Banks, started out with nothing more than a small pavilion on the beach in 1887. The pavilion became a popular place as it offered a refreshment stall and stalls where bathers could change their clothes. In the 1870s, developer Appleton Oaksmith envisioned a beachside resort community where that pavilion stood and bought up a large stretch from where Atlantic Beach is today to Pine Knoll Shores. He did not get around to furthering his dream due to an accident in 1879 which killed his four daughters. After that, he simply stopped working on it. Two local men, Winfield Chadwick and John Royal, picked up the pieces and began construction in 1887. In 1930, two new bathhouses, soft drink stands, and a dance hall added to the community and in 1931, Atlantic Beach Hotel was finished, and today, Atlantic Beach is a beach resort destination with a year-round population of around 2,000.

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