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The city of Newburgh, New York is in Orange County, on the west shore of the Hudson River. It was first explored in 1609 by Henry Hudson, who was sailing under contract to the Dutch government. His first mate's journal entry for the evening of the day they explored the area said it was "a pleasant place to build a town." The first European settlers were given land by the local Indians, the Waoranek who taught them all they knew about the area, as the concept of the ownership of land was entirely foreign to them. In 1684, the English crown replaced the Dutch West Indies Company as the colonial government. British and German settlers built the area up. During the American Revolutionary War, it was the headquarters of the Continental Army. In 1800, it was incorporated as a village, and it was chartered in 1865. Newburgh was a major commerce hub, and ship captains as well as others in the seafaring industries built their homes here.

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