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The county seat of Northampton County, Pennsylvania is the city of Easton. Thomas Penn set 1,000 acres of land aside at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers for the town that was to be Easton. It was settled in 1739, founded in 1752, and named at Penn’s request in honor of his father-in-law who had an estate called Easton Neston in England. Northampton County was in the process of being formed at the same time, and Easton became its county seat. The city was laid out in a grid pattern, with everything radiating out from the Great Square, which is where the original courthouse was build. The Treaty of Easton was signed here during the French and Indian War. The oldest continuously operated outdoor farmers market has been held in the Great Square since 1791. It continues even now. That same square is where Robert Levers read the Declaration of Independence to the citizens of the town from the courthouse steps. The Crayola Company has long had a presence in Easton, beginning with the 1900 opening of their new mill which produced slate school pencils. They opened The Crayola EXPERIENCE visitors’ center in 1996.

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