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Liverpool, New York is situated in Onondaga County. It was originally named Little Ireland. It was home to the Iroquois until the middle of the 1600s, when French Jesuits set up missions in the area. The first European settler in the region was Jonathan Danforth, who arrived in 1794 in order to make salt. His brother, Asa Danforth, founded the Onondaga Valley. Other first settlers, including James Armstrong, Joseph Gordon, Charles Morgan, and Patrick Riley, joined him soon afterwards, and by the dawn of the 19th century, the hamlet had become busy with trade and barter. After the opening of the Erie anal in 1825, trade expanded and Liverpool became even more bustling. In 1830, the streets were laid out and it was incorporated as a village. It was named in honor of the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, as the older Liverpool also produced salt. Changes in the transportation around Liverpool including the opening of the Syracuse Northern Railroad in 1871, which did not come through Liverpool, and the closing of the Oswego Canal in 1918, hastened the demise of the salt industry. Between 1850 and 1879, a willow basket industry took hold, and gave birth to a willow furniture industry. By 1892, more than 360,000 baskets were shipped throughout the United States.

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