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Lake George, New York is a town in Warren County. The lake, which would eventually be named Lake George, was discovered by Father Isaac Jogues in the summer of 1642. He was sent in 1646 on a mission to negotiate a peace treaty with the Iroquois Confederacy, and during this time, he named the lake Lac du Saint Sacrement, which means "Lake of the Blessed Sacrament." Father Jogues was later captured by Mohawks and escaped, whereupon he returned to his native France. But in 1846, he returned to the region as a French ambassador to the Mohawk with the mission of maintaining a fragile peace established the year before. He was killed as a martyr at their village of Ossernenon, just south of the Mohawk River, making him one of the so-called "North American Martyrs." The man who killed him as captured by the French in 1847 and condemned to death. While he awaited execution, the killer was baptized and given the Christian name of Isaac Jogues. In 1755, the lake was renamed Lake George after King George II. The town was established as the Town of Caldwell in 1810, and in 1962 was renamed in honor of the lake with the same name.

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