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The town of Hyde Park, New York is in the western part of Dutchess County along the Hudson River. The town was settled some time between 1710 and 1742 as Stoutenburgh, in honor of the town's first settler, Jacobus Stoughtenburg. Quakers emigrating from Connecticut settled in the area, followed by the Reformed Dutch in 1789 and the Episcopalians in 1811. The estate of Dr. John Bard was named Hyde Park in honor of Lord Cornbury and governor of New York Edward Hyde. A nearby tavern keeper named his business "Hyde Park Inn." The same tavern keeper later applied for a post office to be located in the tavern, and it was officially called the Hyde Park post office, thus making residents of the area residents of Hyde Park. In 1812, the name was changed to reflect that. It is most famous for being the hometown of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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