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The city of Farmington, New Mexico is located in San Juan County. Situated at the confluence of the San Juan, Animas, and La Plata Rivers, Farmington was inhabited by the Anasazi, or Ancestral Puebloans, in the 7th Century, and after they left the area, the Jicarilla Apaches, Navajos, and Utes arrived. In 1868, the Navajo Nation was created, and they took up the western part of San Juan County, which includes what is now Farmington. In 1874, the area, was called Junction City, was opened for settlement. In 1901, the town was incorporated, which was when it got its current name. In the autumn of 1905, the railroad ran through Farmington as it ran between Farmington to Durango, Colorado. That line, which connected to the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, ran continuously until 1968 when it was abandoned. In 1950, more than half the town reported seeing large "saucers" in the sky, flying about at high rates of speed.

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