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Abiquiu, New Mexico is a census-designated place in the northern New Mexico county of Rio Arriba. It was first settled in the 1730s, and established the community called Santa Rosa de Lima de Abiquiu in the 1740s. In 1744, twenty families settled in the community. Continual raids by Ute, Comanche, Navajo, and Apache Indians plagued the community along with the surrounding area. Abiquiu was the starting point of the Old Spanish Trail, the historic trade route which connected the northern New Mexico settlements of Santa Fe with those of Los Angeles, California. The 700 mile trail ran through the high mountains and deserts as well as deep canyons and is considered one of the most grueling trade routes in the history of the United States. The trail as first written about in John C. Fremont's report of his journey for the United States Topographical Corps in 1844. It was Fremont who named the route.

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