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Pennington, New Jersey is a borough in Mercer County. In 1708, Richbell Mott sold bought 1,300 acres of land in Hopewell Township to John Mott, John Cornwall, Thomas Read, and Nathaniel Moore, and upon that land, the village of Queenstown was established. It was named in honor of Queen Anne. Many began calling it Pennytown, deriding what they believed to be its insignificance. By 1747, it was already being called Pennington by many. In the early 1800s, Pennington was a pleasant village surrounded by farms. By 1842, the village had three general stores, a hardware store, two grocery stores, two dry good stores, two merchant tailoring shops, a drug store, and two confectionary stores, and a population of 750. As it grew, it became obvious that the village had an entirely different character, and thus, needs, than Hopewell Township. Therefore, in 1890, Pennington Borough was officially separated fro Hopewell Township.

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